Spring 2017, Greenhouse plant preview

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This video shows all of the plants growing in my greenhouse. Hydrangeas, apple, plum, blackberry, rosemary, comfrey and elderberry.

All of these plants were grown from seeds or taken from cuttings of locally grown plants. The prices range from $10 to $20 depending on size.

Kingbo LED light

Kingbo 45W LED Grow Light Panel Review


Amazon Link: KINGBO Reflector 45W LED Grow Light Panel 225 LEDs 6-Band Full Spectrum Includ UV IR with Switch for Indoor Plants Seeding & Growing & Flowering

My thoughts on using using my Kingbo LED grow light panels for the past 2 weeks ago growing Kale, Swiss Chard & lettuce seeds.


The Kingbo LED lights come with the plug & attachment wires / carabiner to attach the panel to something. They have an on off click switch to easily toggle between power / no power. It took about 3 minutes to zip tie the lights to my wire shelving and plug them into a power strip. They are controlled on a timer to be on for about 16 hours, then turn off for 8.


Upfront, they cost $36 which is less then $10 more than an T5 4′ fluorescent shop light & bulbs. The LED’s use much less power per day & the life expectancy of LED’s is 50,000 hours compared to T5 is 30,000 hours (a set of 2 T5 lights cost $10 from Home Depot.) Electrical use is about double compared to these LED lights. It will cost me about .50 cents a day to run the Kinbo lights compared to over $1.00 per day for the shop light.

Final Thoughts:

Quite frankly I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, I have always used the 4′ fluorescent shop lights which had to be extremely close to the plants. If not, they start getting yellow & leggy. From these pictures, the plants are green and look great (the tomato germination rates are not the best.) I will soon be growing all sorts of plants and microgreens under these lights. Stay tuned for more updates.