Compost Worms

June Garden Tour | Farming Seattle

This video shows a quick tour of Farming Seattle. I am located in North Burien, where I sell plants and compost worms.

The video shows a wide variety of plants that I am currently developing. Elderberry, thornless blackberry, apples, plum, peach, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, rosemary, mulberry, and more.

I have a quick tour of the greenhouse, currently growing a ton of black elderberry plants (Sambucus Nigra). These plants produce a small berry great for syrup, eating, pies, and wine!.

Finally, in the backyard I show the bunny who loves to eat all of the dandelions šŸ™‚ and my softwood propagation bed. Enjoy!

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Duck Chronicles:Ā Jack is creating content on his YouTube channelĀ (Duck Chronicles) which shows the amazing transformation of his property in Texas by using the power of duck poop. He has over a 100 ducks on a 3 acre property where heĀ grazes his ducks on a rotation pattern to maximize the benefit of his animals on the land.



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I also decided to create a few self designed T-Shirts:


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