Root Bags

Root Bag Gardening Creating Better Growing Plants with a superior growing system. 1 DIY Easy $50 Root Bag SystemRoot Bag Setup using 1020 trays, staples, landscape fabric & zip ties. Description This is my rootbag setup, I wanted a new way to pot up my cuttings that would allow them[…]

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How to Grow Hundreds of Elderberry Plants for a few bucks.

How to grow hundreds of Elderberry plants in two square feet. Instagram: Support our work with Patreon and get free plants as little as $1 per month!! This video shows how I grew hundreds of elderberry plants in 1x 1020 tray over the winter. They were grown from[…]

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Spring 2017, Greenhouse plant preview enter code “youtube” during checkout to receive 30% off plants right now. Pickup is right outside West Seattle. This video shows all of the plants growing in my greenhouse. Hydrangeas, apple, plum, blackberry, rosemary, comfrey and elderberry. All of these plants were grown from seeds or taken from cuttings[…]

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Kingbo LED light

Kingbo 45W LED Grow Light Panel Review

  Amazon Link: KINGBO Reflector 45W LED Grow Light Panel 225 LEDs 6-Band Full Spectrum Includ UV IR with Switch for Indoor Plants Seeding & Growing & Flowering My thoughts on using using my Kingbo LED grow light panels for the past 2 weeks ago growing Kale, Swiss Chard & lettuce[…]

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