Quality organic plants are important to us, why?

Produced Locally

Plants produced locally are more adept at growing from proven stock that has thrived in Seattle.

Local Organic Soil

All of my plants are grown in soil produced & developed in Sumner. Don't worry about random toxins, pesticides that can affect your garden.


Selected Varieties

I have personally grown these plants in my front yard in order to make sure they are consistent producers.

So how does it work?

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Plants are grown with root bags in organic soil starting at just $5

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Come Pickup Your Order in Burien

Come pickup your plant order in North Burien. We will send a confirmation email with our address and pickup time.

Growing Plants in Root Bags


This video shows how I am growing new plants in root bags. This method sits the bags in about an inch of water. They will wick up water as to best water the plants. After this video I put all of these root bags in 1020 no hole trays, they are only an inch and 1/2 tall, so if it rains, these won’t get overflowed.

Root bag plants are much easier to plant, dig a hole, place the entire plant with root bag in the hole then cut the bag and remove. You will never have to flip the plant upside down and beat the plant out of the pot. It preserves the root system much better which leads to a faster growing plant.

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