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Compost Worms Shipped Directly To You.

Worm bin Compost Worms

We grow compost worms in Seattle and feed them local food waste streams. These compost worms are a great addition for your worm bin. These compost worms are extremely hardy, mine have multiplied over and over for the last few years. Their compost is extremely high in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Visit our Compost Worm page and buy compost worms today, to start your worm bin. Prices start at $10 (local pickup).

Plants Starting @ $5

Plants For Sale

We started our propagation bed a few years ago with a goal of growing our own plants from local stock. This passion has created an opportunity to provide these plants to our customers. Whether it is a ornamental, vegetable or edible, check out our Blog or Plants page to see what we have in stock. Prices start at $5.


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Worm Tower Build, Fertilize your Garden!

November 23rd, 2018

 Easy Worm Tower Build, Fertilize Direct! This video shows the process to make a garden worm tower. This allows all of the good nutrients to dispense directly to the garden. You don’t have...

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Make an easy $100 with Aquaponics

September 14th, 2018

 Easy way to produce plants locally. I just got done removing $100 worth of plants from my 1 gallon perlite pots that have been sitting in my aquaponics bed. I grew ~7 new Triple Crown Thornless...

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