Kingbo LED light

Kingbo 45W LED Grow Light Panel Review


Amazon Link: KINGBO Reflector 45W LED Grow Light Panel 225 LEDs 6-Band Full Spectrum Includ UV IR with Switch for Indoor Plants Seeding & Growing & Flowering

My thoughts on using using my Kingbo LED grow light panels for the past 2 weeks ago growing Kale, Swiss Chard & lettuce seeds.


The Kingbo LED lights come with the plug & attachment wires / carabiner to attach the panel to something. They have an on off click switch to easily toggle between power / no power. It took about 3 minutes to zip tie the lights to my wire shelving and plug them into a power strip. They are controlled on a timer to be on for about 16 hours, then turn off for 8.


Upfront, they cost $36 which is less then $10 more than an T5 4′ fluorescent shop light & bulbs. The LED’s use much less power per day & the life expectancy of LED’s is 50,000 hours compared to T5 is 30,000 hours (a set of 2 T5 lights cost $10 from Home Depot.) Electrical use is about double compared to these LED lights. It will cost me about .50 cents a day to run the Kinbo lights compared to over $1.00 per day for the shop light.

Final Thoughts:

Quite frankly I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, I have always used the 4′ fluorescent shop lights which had to be extremely close to the plants. If not, they start getting yellow & leggy. From these pictures, the plants are green and look great (the tomato germination rates are not the best.) I will soon be growing all sorts of plants and microgreens under these lights. Stay tuned for more updates.