Deep Water Floating Bed Construction – Aquaponics

Build a floating aquaponics raft to grow lettuce in your yard.

This video shows how to build a Deep Water Floating Raft for aquaponics. I am building using Dow blue 2″ foam board from Lowes. It costs about $32 per sheet, but is what has been recommended online for being safe to use in aquaponics. Here are the net pots & hole saw I am using in the video: 2” net pots – 2” hole saw – The first step is to size up your foam board to the area it is going. Cut about halfway into the board, then it will snap right off cleanly. The next step is to measure about 6-10 inches apart for the net pots, drill through the board with any size drill bit. Use the hole saw to drill both sides of the board, push the board until it pops out the hole. You can now fill with the net pot, fill up the cups with lava rock / perlite / clay pepples, or nothing & you can grow! Thanks for watching!

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