Grow Plants From Seed


Grow Hundreds of Elderberry plants in 1020 trays

Grow Hundreds of Elderberry Plants for under $10


This video shows how I grew hundreds of elderberry plants in 1 1020 tray over the winter. They were grown from seeds & were in the fridge for 6 months! They grew in the tray inside under a Kingbo LED light. I just transferred them to new pots outside in the greenhouse.

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How to Grow Hundreds of Goji Berry Plants For Under $10

Growing Goji Berry Plants easily


This video shows the process of growing Goji berry plants from seeds. I bought these seeds for about $5 from Sheffields Seed Co. online.

It has probably cost about another $5 for compost & materials.

1. Soak the Goji berry seeds for 12 hours.
2. Plant those seeds in a 1020 tray with no holes.
3. When they get to about an inch tall I will transport them to bigger pots.

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How To Grow Hundreds of Seaberry Plants For Under $10.

Growing Seaberry Plants from Seed.


This video shows the process of growing Seaberry Plants from Seed for under $10.

1. Soak in water for 24 hours
2. Put seeds in a damp paper towel in a plastic baggie in the fridge for 90 days.
3. Plant seeds in a 1020 tray, I grew under my Kingbo LED grow lights for a few weeks, then transferred to a larger pot.

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