Lava Rock Grow Bed Construction

 Continuing with my 300 Gallon Stock Tank Aquaponics system.

This video shows finishing up the grow bed which involves washing a lot of lava rock, installing a uni-seal, bell siphon & putting the pond liner in place.


Products used in video:
1″ Banjoo PVC Bulkhead
2 1/4″ Hole Saw
Pond Liner 13×10:
How to wash lavarock – Drill a bunch of holes in a bucket, load some lava rock & dunk that bucket and rock in a garbage can full of water. Do this 3-4 times while rocking the bucket while the water drains. At the end, rinse with a hose to clear out as much lava sand as possible.
Drill a hole with the holesaw, clean it up with the rasp & razor blade. Put the rubber pond liner down over the hole & cut a clean hole with the razor blade.
Next, you will want to arrange the pond liner so that it is pushed against the bed, then load in washed lava rock to the top. You might want to test your bell siphon before fully loaded.
Bell siphon – I’m using a 1″ PVC pipe about 10″ tall, with a 2″ PVC and cap about ~12″ tall with holes drilled at the very bottom. I will probably need to do some adjustment because it wasn’t siphoning very well.