Black Elderberry (sambucus canadensis) 6-12″ (Local Pickup Only)


Black Elderberry (sambucus canadensis)

Mature Height/spread: 5-12 ft high and 5-12′ spread in ideal conditions.

Soil / Climate: Prefers moist, fertile soils. Elderberry is found mostly throughout the eastern and midwestern United States.

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Early spring ordering now*** (Local Pickup Only, North Burien)

Notes: The Elderberry has oblong to oval leaves that turn greenish-yellow in the fall.  White, fragrant flowers which can be washed, shaken dry, stripped from stems and beaten into batters for pancakes, waffles and muffins. Berries are small, purple-black color, and have a pleasant taste. The berries ripen in late July through September. An easy way to improve the flavor of mature elderberries is to dry them in the sun or oven. The juice is often used for making wines and jellies. Mix elderberries with apples to make an outstanding jelly. Two year old shoots will produce fruit, which persists into early fall. Each berry contains from 3-5 seeds.



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