How to raise ducks in your backyard, start to finish

These two videos is almost an hour and a half of raising ducks from a few days old until 6 months old. I go through everything from having a water container to keep the brooder cleaner to building a duck coop outside using hardware cloth and tarps. Through it all, I really enjoyed raising ducks, although they are really, really loud!! In the future I will probably raise some Muscovy ducks which make no sounds. If you want to order the same products I used in this video, see the links below.
Part 1:

Part 2:


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Want to buy what I used in the video? See below!

Lightbulb fixture for brooding Chickens / Ducks:
Reptile bulb – Safer way to keep your chickens / ducks heated than the traditional red bulbs-

Long feed tray – better than a circle feeder where they can bunch up:

Water dispenser that will give them enough water for the day:

3ft x 50ft ½” hardware cloth for building the coop:

12ft x 16ft Brown Tarp to keep the coop dry:

Concrete mixing tray, durable water container for when they are moved into their coop, big enough that they can clear their nostrils.

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