Make an easy $100 with Aquaponics

 Easy way to produce plants locally.

I just got done removing $100 worth of plants from my 1 gallon perlite pots that have been sitting in my aquaponics bed. I grew ~7 new Triple Crown Thornless blackberry plants, if you were to buy brand new would cost at least $10 per plant. I had 3 goji berry plants & 6 Black Elderberry plants grow as well. Easy way to get $100 of plants for barely any time spent. Here is how to do it, #1 Fill up a plastic pot with perlite (might have to block the holes at the bottom with big rocks). #2 Place that pot in your aquaponics bed, which allows the water to wick upwards. #3 Cut 6-9″ pieces and stick them ~ halfway into the perlite. You can easily do this with thornless blackberry, elderberry, hydrangea & goji berry. You would need to research on other plants. #4 Wait a few months and you have a brand new rooted plant. You can pot them, or plant them straight into the garden.

Planting Thornless Blackberry, Aquaponics Lettuce, Smothering Weeds with Plastic

This video shows the progress made today, 30 plants were planted (blackberry, goji berry, grapes). I am planting a new row in the grass, I dig a hole, place the plant and then cover with cardboard & woodchips. I am prepping the carrot bed by covering the area with plastic & sealing the ends so that it will heat up the area to sprout weed seeds & then die. The aquaponics system has sprouted lettuce and the garlic has sprouted to be used as chives. All in all a productive day!