compost worms

Worm Tower Build, Fertilize your Garden!

 Easy Worm Tower Build, Fertilize Direct!

This video shows the process to make a garden worm tower. This allows all of the good nutrients to dispense directly to the garden. You don’t have to collect, move any worm casting, just fill up the container with food scraps. When it fills, just scoop out some castings & spread around the garden.

June Garden Tour | Farming Seattle

This video shows a quick tour of Farming Seattle. I am located in North Burien, where I sell plants and compost worms.

The video shows a wide variety of plants that I am currently developing. Elderberry, thornless blackberry, apples, plum, peach, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, rosemary, mulberry, and more.

I have a quick tour of the greenhouse, currently growing a ton of black elderberry plants (Sambucus Nigra). These plants produce a small berry great for syrup, eating, pies, and wine!.

Finally, in the backyard I show the bunny who loves to eat all of the dandelions 🙂 and my softwood propagation bed. Enjoy!

Compost Worms

Compost Worm Bin, feeding your Compost Worms

We are located right outside West Seattle, order your compost worms and pick them up today.

Another video in the Compost Worm series on what to feed your compost worms. What a basic or large worm bin will look like, and how to find free compost worm food locally for free.

I pickup on a regular basis, bags of coffee grounds from Starbucks. I’ll spread this out on the worm bin, a good size bag will be about 30lbs and can feed your worms for quite a while.