Make an easy $100 with Aquaponics

 Easy way to produce plants locally.

I just got done removing $100 worth of plants from my 1 gallon perlite pots that have been sitting in my aquaponics bed. I grew ~7 new Triple Crown Thornless blackberry plants, if you were to buy brand new would cost at least $10 per plant. I had 3 goji berry plants & 6 Black Elderberry plants grow as well. Easy way to get $100 of plants for barely any time spent. Here is how to do it, #1 Fill up a plastic pot with perlite (might have to block the holes at the bottom with big rocks). #2 Place that pot in your aquaponics bed, which allows the water to wick upwards. #3 Cut 6-9″ pieces and stick them ~ halfway into the perlite. You can easily do this with thornless blackberry, elderberry, hydrangea & goji berry. You would need to research on other plants. #4 Wait a few months and you have a brand new rooted plant. You can pot them, or plant them straight into the garden.