Big And Small Goldfish

Big And Small Goldfish

Big And Small Goldfish Intro. for Stock Tank Aquaponics | Farming Seattle

This episode, I show all of my progress on the Stock Tank Aquaponics system. I had to do a few things in order to get ready for the goldfish.

1. Added 6 legs to each end of the grow bed. Since this bed is over 1000lbs I didn’t want it to crack the stock tank. I added 4×4 legs that were braced with 2×4’s and wood screws.

2. Going to install a bigger bell siphon intake valve, after some guidance it seemed a lot better to have a 1″ inner pipe on the bell siphon since the bed will be holding a lot more water. In my next video i’ll show that installation.

3. Added outdoor electrical plug, this allowed easy wiring for the pond pump, only 20ft away from the outlet.

4. Added Goldfish! Bought 20 small / 20 large feeder goldfish ~ $10. I set these guys in the water for ~10 minutes (should have been 30). Some seemed shocked, I think next time I will do the full 30 minutes, then slowly add the aquaponics water.

Products used in video:
1″ Banjo PVC Bulkhead:
2.25″ Hole Saw:
Pond Liner 13×10:
Pond Pump 1000GPH:
PVC 3/4″ Valves:

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